Agile Fundamentals

Starting with an Agile mindset, we'll teach you the principles, frameworks and tools that will help you be effective in any environment

This is an immersive course, delivered by trainers who have years of experience across business, operations and technology. Participants apply theory to activities throughout the course with a constant focus on value for your customer, collaboration and continuous improvement. 

We appreciate that moving to new ways of working can involve unlearning for individuals. We show great empathy throughout the course taking a very pragmatic, non-prescriptive approach to agile adoption where teams can shape what agile ways of working looks like to them and implement immediate change.

Learning Objectives

  • How agile mindset and new ways of working helps deliver value sooner
  • Discuss ways to apply the values and principles of agility
  • Learn how to create an environment that fosters effective collaboration
  • Use Kanban to visualise work and build a culture of continuous improvement
  • Learn how to progressively manage a backlog and prioritise to maximise value
  • Explore Scrum and learn how to create transparency to enable inspection and adaption

Topics covered

  • Why you need to change.
  • Developing an Agile Mindset. 
  • Agile manifesto, values and principals. 
  • Collaboration and facilitation techniques.
  • Intent based leadership.
  • Team chartering.
  • Characteristics of High Performing Teams.
  • Principles and practices of Kanban. 
  • Backlog management. 
  • User stories and Story mapping.
  • Estimation and prioritisation techniques. 
  • Scrum Framework. 

You'll also receive

  • ICAgile Certified Professional certification
  • Electronic copy of the course materials
  • Digital workbook
  • Project Management Institute (PMI) PDU credit: 12 PDUs